Our Story

It all started on January 3, 2017 at the beginning of a beautiful New Year! It was then that we began talking day and night. Instantly it felt like we had been a part of each others lives for a very long time though we hadn’t even officially met. You see, we found one another through online dating. Victor asked Kristen on a date and just three days later they had their very first date on January 6.

January 6, Victor drove from his hometown in DeFuniak Springs, FL to pick Kristen up in Lynn Haven, FL where she was born and raised. Victor actually went to meet Kristen’s Dad, Mr. John Hopkins at his business before he went to meet(officially) Kristen & Mrs. Lisa Hopkins. This was Mrs. Lisa’s suggestion since Kristen was still getting ready. We believe this was such a pivotal moment in our future and it truly started a firm foundation for our relationship. This is why The Hopkins fell in love with Victor dating their daughter from the start. It really was the sweetest thing! We both vividly remember that first date in Panama City Beach, FL. As the days continued, we couldn’t spend hardly a day without spending time with one another. In fact, we didn’t go more than a day without seeing each other until July of that year due to a business trip. The second time wasn’t until January 2018 believe it or not!

On January 15, 2017 we had another really special date night that ended with Victor asking Kristen “will you go steady with me?” which of course the answer was yes! It’s now been two whole years since that wonderful night when our story really began and every “I” became “us”! Before you knew it we were so in love and absolutely loving every minute enjoying life together! We knew from the beginning that we had a long future together ahead of us. Victor would even go as far to say that he knew it would be very serious even before our first date. This was just the beginning of our love story!

Image by Kiersten Stevenson Photography http://kierstenstevenson.com